Beautiful, farm-fresh, and delicious…that describes our produce. With daily
deliveries of produce to our stores, we bring you the season’s best each
and every day. Rich in nutrition and freshness, our fruits and vegetables are
always at a price you’ll find delicious as well. That’s why our motto is
“Quality and Price… the best show in town.” Shop our Everyday Low
Prices…Why Pay More! Call us today..
All of our products is Triple Inspected - in the field, in the warehouse prior to shipping and deliver to you.  It is our outstanding quality control that brings you the freshest produce. Keep your eyes peeled for all the organic and local produce we carry.
* Spices
* Oils
* Dairy Products
* Groceries
* Pastas
* Grains
* Cheeses
* Teas
* Napkins
* Paper towels
* Janitorial Supplies
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Low Prices
If you thought you couldn’t find top quality name brand groceries at budget-
loving prices, come and see what makes Benjimin Products every family’s
Favorite's products.   Call and request our service...